AI driven intelligent visual monitoring and alerting for Industrial operations.
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Manage your operations efficiently - from anywhere.

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Osperity ESG Statement

Reducing Risk, Creating Safer Workplaces, and Improving Environmental Impact for Industrial Operations

Osperity is a leader in Intelligent Visual Monitoring and Management by Exception through advanced computer vision. We are continuously innovating to improve the way the industry manages assets to mitigate risk, improve worker safety, strengthen social impact, reduce costs and lower environmental stresses.

VIDEO: "Osperity is a great example of how small-medium enterprises can make a real difference in a big corporation like Shell".​

NEW PRODUCT: Osperity Automated Visual Inspections

An environmentally, cost-effective, more efficient and intelligent way to inspect sites and assets on any online device.

automated inspections
Osperity Revolutionizes Industrial Asset Inspections
Osperity Automated Visual Inspection is a low-cost, high ROI add-on to our platform that reduces time to inspect sites and assets by upto 90% while minimizing risk and windshield time..

Osperity: The trusted intelligent visual monitoring solution for industrial operations.

Get actionable insights with computer vision-powered alerts. Customizable for exception-based management.

Cost-effectively deploy at remote sites over cellular with Osperity's bandwidth-efficient IoT architecture.

Integrate with industrial sensors and systems for alarm validation and enhanced situational awareness.

Backed by our comprehensive managed service, Osperity is the trusted enterprise solution for remote and distributed industrial operations.

Osperity Platform

Improve operator productivity by 30%

Cut windshield time with remote asset inspections and proactive asset monitoring.

Manage facilities efficiently and safely

Ensure compliance and accountability with intelligent facility solutions.

Protect your people, assets and production

Monitor worker safety and fight theft and vandalism with proactive activity alerts.

Intelligent visual monitoring for enhanced productivity & risk mitigation

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Enhance worker safety

Enhance worker safety

Protect the environment

Protect the environment

Increase security

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