Osperity Automated Visual Inspections

An environmentally, cost-effective, more efficient and intelligent way to inspect sites and assets on any online device.

Osperity Revolutionizes Industrial Asset Inspections

Osperity Automated Visual Inspection is a low-cost, high ROI add-on to our platform that reduces time to inspect sites and assets by up to 90% while minimizing risk and windshield time.

During in-person inspections, operators look for many things, including irregularities in the appearance and integrity of their assets, items hazardous to personnel, evidence of leaks, equipment settings, and general site cleanliness.

Depending on the drive time required and the distance inspectors walk, a single inspection can easily take 2-3 hours. This means a daily inspection of a single facility could require upwards of 20 hours a week. Using Osperity Automated Inspections, the same inspection could take just 1 hour a week, a reduction up to 90%.

Unlike competitors focused on security surveillance, Automated Visual Inspections for Industrial Operations is greatly simplifying the inspection process for industrial operations and production teams.

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Automated Visual Inspections for Industrial Operations

automated inspections

Oil & Gas Applications

Leak Monitoring
Scheduled automated inspections of tanks, well heads, containment areas and equipment to monitor and mitigate leaks

Remote Inspections
Reduce or eliminate the need to have personnel travel to remote distributed assets to do scheduled inspections, while increasing your visibility to the asset and activity surrounding it.

With all inspections time and date stamped by a third-party automated system makes the inspections fully auditable by regulators.

Functionality / Workflow

With Osperity’s Automated Visual Inspections for Industrial Operations, you gain instant access (either online or via a PDF document sent through email) to a single location that includes images taken from selected cameras at the same scheduled time of day.

Inspection Form

Inspection form

Administrators start by creating an inspection form. The form enables them to select the cameras, image order, people and schedule for the recurring inspection.

Inspection Report


An inspection report is the output from an inspection form. The report is available as a PDF, accessed online or through an auto-generated
email, and in the web application.

Camera Selection

Select Camera
For each form, users select the camera and PTZ presets to be included in the inspection. An inspection can include 1 camera or 100 cameras.

Order of Images

Once cameras have been selected the user has the option to order images as they will appear in the inspection report.



For security purposes and workflow management, users can be given different roles to limit who can create (Administrator) and edit (Editor) inspections forms, and view (Viewer) reports.



Administrators and Editors can add one or more schedules to each inspection form. A schedule consists of a time and date the report will be generated and delivered.

User Permissions


Administrators and Editors can add one or more users to receive scheduled inspection reports, and change the distribution list anytime.



Client Administrators can manage the inspection workflow on their own, scheduling as many inspections as they want and pausing them
when necessary.



Osperity Inspections makes it possible to automate inspections remotely, creating better oversight and decreased response times to events, while reducing risk of injury and greenhouse gas emissions.

Predictable Costs


Monitor that personnel is wearing proper PPE. Time traveling to and from the field.

Time conducting inspections.

Vehicle fuel, wear, tear and insurance.

Faster Response times to events


All inspections are available online and can be downloaded for offline viewing and storage.

Reports are available to comply with internal and regulatory policies and to help with incidental investigations.

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