Osperity, Intelligent Visual Monitoring and Reporting

Cut costs and mitigate safety and environmental risks

Osperity is the enterprise visual monitoring solution for exception-based management of field operations, assets, and facilities.

Osperity visual monitoring delivers a strong return on investment:

Cut windshield time with remote site inspections and automated asset monitoring

Increase uptime with enhanced asset management

Improve operator efficiency with efficient access to actionable information

Osperity in Action

Remote virtual inspections and reports

Proactive activity detection and accurate alerts

Remote environmental inspections and automated leak monitoring

Key Features


Personalized and accurate alerts

Get actionable computer vision-based visual alerts based on what matters to you. Choose event type, sites and schedule, and update your alerts anytime. Alerts can include vehicle and people detection, equipment status, leaks/emissions, or from non-visual sensor data.

Integrates with critical sensors
and systems

Combine data from SCADA and other systems with easy access to live and historical imagery for alarm validation and enhanced situational awareness.

technology specialist

Enterprise access, from anywhere

Access key visual information over an efficient web interface over any computer or mobile device. Unlimited users. Role-based alerts and reporting.

Works where you do

Cover all your assets with one visual solution. Designed for remote sites and IoT integration, our platform is extremely bandwidth-efficient and engineered for cellular deployments.

Easy to deploy and manage

Get started quickly and without the hassle of traditional video surveillance systems. Cloud solution – No software to install. Deployed as a managed service, outside of corporate IT infrastructure.

How can Osperity help your operations?

Platform Technologies

Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Osperity operates independently of the corporate network, there’s no software to install, and it scales easily.

Sensor and System Integration

With a standards-based API, Osperity connects with industrial data systems such as SCADA and IoT platforms for alarm validation and situational awareness.

Advanced Computer Vision and Data Analysis Engine

Osperity combines video analytics, proprietary computer vision and sensor/system data for unmatched accuracy and relevance.

Live Local Streaming

For staffed sites and facilities, Osperity enables the streaming of live feeds from all cameras over a local network.

Hardware Health Monitoring and Management

Osperity includes remote device health monitoring for reliability, and cameras are configured and serviced online.

Broad Camera Support

Osperity connects to a wide range of cameras, including thermal and infrared. Osprey can also turn legacy cameras into intelligent devices by connecting them to Osprey Reach.

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