Sensor Triggered
Get immediate visual confirmation when an industrial sensor is triggered

Osperity now offers the functionality for you to receive an image when a remote sensor is triggered. This will increase efficiencies of companies relying on remote sensors such as H2S, vibration, smoke, leaks, temperature, etc., to monitor their assets. Any sensor that sends an alert can be reported on with an image or images of the area around the triggered sensor.
2022 Sensor Trigger Illustrationv2
When a sensor is triggered, an alert will be created on our platform, a notification will be sent instantly to stakeholders. Multiple cameras or Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can capture images from a triggered sensor, thus giving a good visual overview of what prompted the sensor to alert, providing immediate eyes on the event and the ability to view this in real time on our platform.

An API can easily be configured to let our system receive the sensor triggered event.

  • Get an instant visual notification when a sensor is triggered
  • Quickly understand with visual overlay why a sensor was triggered for situational awareness
  • Helpful for repair crews to know what needs to be repaired or maintained before traveling to site
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