Intelligent Visual Monitoring and Alerting for Midstream and Downstream Terminals

Monitor your Terminals Remotely. Protect Assets and People.

Terminals, or depots are mainly used to store crude oil, natural gas and/or other petrochemical products. Depending on the purpose of the terminal, product is either being loaded or off-loaded. Midstream terminals are typically located in remote location to store unrefined petrochemicals, whereas downstream terminals containing refined product are typically located in or near urban areas for ease of access and cost savings.

Osperity’s terminal  solution is primarily used for monitoring and alerting on loading and off-loading of either crude, gas, water or other refined/unrefined product.

Osperity's Solution can Make your Terminals Safer and More Productive. Find Out How Today.

VIDEO: Watch how Shell is using our terminal monitoring solution at one of their Canadian terminals

Intelligent Visual Monitoring for Midstream and Downstream Terminals

Osperity uses advanced Computer Vision (AI) and machine learning to recognize objects and events of interest while disregarding objects of no value, minimizing false positives.

Our cloud-based platform Osperity is designed for industrial applications and is being used at several midstream and downstream terminals throughout North America and Australia.

Proven Operational, Security and Productivity Benefits

Proof of Liability and Audit Trail

Historical evidence of events occurred to minimize long and costly investigations and litigations. Scheduled safety audits can be done remotely, without being on site.

Oil Terminal loading

Loading – Unloading Product

Monitor for duration of loading – off-loading. Get automatic alerts on hazardous assets remotely, from anywhere.

Partly Staffed or Un-staffed Terminals

Set alerts to report on time spent on site, validate tickets and invoices against timestamps. Inspect and monitor hazardous locations. Enhance security by monitoring and alerting on people and vehicles not allowed on site.

Incoming Trains and Vehicle

Monitor and alert on incoming vehicles, assist in redirecting traffic to other risers or terminals, eliminating wait time and gridlock. Alert on incoming trains to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Choose Osperity for your Terminals

Application Interface (API)

Seamlessly connect to control room dashboards with Osprey’s open API.

Legacy Cameras

The platform is camera agnostic and can connect to existing cameras and also utilize/upgrade old analog cameras already in place at a terminal by installing video encoders to implement video analytics capability.


Set up and deliver automatic inspections and reports on any event or occurrence, time and date.

Cyber Security

Critical infrastructure protection is top priority for shipping terminals with hundreds of sensors that communicate via modbus/TCP over a TCP/IP network. These networks should be secure and be limited to a local network. Osprey’s local live and Reach platform is an optimized exception-based solution that sits on its own secure network completely outside the client’s infrastructure.

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