Keeping Industrial Crypto Mining Operations Safe Through Exception-Based Alerting and Automated Remote Inspections

Crypto mining companies are on the rise in North America, especially after China banned operations in their country. Industrial crypto mining requires a lot of very expensive hardware which miners need to protect, especially if they’re located in remote locations that are unmanned, or partially manned. Theft, break-ins, loitering, vandalism, and volatile weather are important factors to protect from.

Osperity, an Industrial Intelligent Visual Monitoring company, can help large crypto mining companies protecting physical locations, containers and expensive hardware, lower insurance premiums and significantly help minimize operational challenges and threats. Using exception-based alerting, our platform instantly reports on many different critical events to stakeholders.

Crypto outside
Crypto Snow
Crypto Generator

Manned and partially manned crypto mining sites

Monitor and alert on events over the entire site when no staff is present.

Remote inspections

Schedule automated remote inspections at any interval you want, minimizing need to travel to site, saving money, windshield time and decreasing potential downtime.

Thermal monitoring on crypto mining equipment and generators

Monitor for temperature changes in equipment and alert on discrepancies.

Security – people, activity and vehicle intrusion detection

Exception-based alerts will automatically detect and alert on people and vehicles entering the site, immediately notifying stakeholders.

Weather hazard monitoring

Snow, rain and water can enter through the vents of the containers during severe weather events. When/if this occur, you will be notified instantly.

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