Osperity has entered a partnership with Manifest Marketing Ltd, Hong Kong

Calgary, Canada and Hong Kong, China. July 14, 2021

Osperity has entered a partnership with Manifest Marketing Ltd., a security and critical industrial solutions provider based in Hong Kong. Manifest will build, sell, and implement Osperity’s Intelligent visual monitoring solution for their clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau.
Manifest has operated in Hong Kong since 1999 and is a well-established firm with an outstanding local reputation. Manifest has an extensive track record of facilitating any integration or installation challenge, which makes them an excellent partner. They will build, integrate and maintain the hardware solution and provide Osperity’s platform solution to their clients. The company operates four fully equipped workshops in Hong Kong, staffed by certified professional service technicians. They have a well-connected sales team with many clients in the security, emergency services and critical industrial solutions space; clients who have expressed great interest in Osperity’s Intelligent Visual Monitoring platform. Partnering with Manifest, Osperity is now able to get a foothold in a market which previously was hard to penetrate due to no local presence or recognition. Osperity can leverage not only Manifest’s extensive client relationships but also rely on their extensive 24/365 online support and hardware maintenance capabilities. Paul Ritchie COO at Osperity said, “As we continue to expand both our geographical and vertical footprint this is an important market for us, Manifest’s ability to produce our hardware in country and their expertise in the market makes them a perfect partner.” “Over the course of our first twenty years we’ve always delivered cutting-edge technology to our clients backed-up with superior support and maintenance capability. With this partnership with Osperity, we are once again providing cutting-edge technology to our clients all delivered with the same support and maintenance commitment they’ve come to trust.” Said Martin Brecknock, Sales Lead – Intelligent Visual Monitoring at Manifest Marketing Group. -ends- About Manifest Marketing Limited Manifest is an ISO 9001 certified Hong Kong company that has been operating since 1999. In our more than twenty-year history, we have enjoyed dynamic growth in both product range and volume of business. We are primarily a sales company, representing more than fifty international security, safety, communications, SaaS and managed services providers. Our client base includes commercial and industrial companies, selected professional security services providers and government departments and entities in Hong Kong and Macau. (manifest-HK.com) About Osperity Osperity assists industrial companies in reducing operational costs and mitigate safety and environmental risks through intelligent visual monitoring. With our platform clients are enabled to increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve health, safety and environmental (HSE) outcomes with monitoring and automated reporting, and strengthen security through proactive activity detection and alerting. Osperity is a massively scalable cloud platform that is optimized for remote sites. It cost-effectively manages visual sensors at scale, analyzes the massive volumes of visual data with artificial intelligence (computer vision) and input from other systems, and distributes personalized, actionable information to end users. The company is headquartered in Calgary, with an office in Houston, Texas. Strategic investors include Shell Ventures, Evok Innovations, InterGen Capital and Texas Ventures. (osperity.com). Media Contacts For Osperity: Olof Ryden oryden@osperity.com +403 680-8296 For Manifest: Martin Brecknock martin@manifest-hk.com +852 2869-5065
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