Dear Clients and Colleagues in the Energy Industry

The impact of COVID-19 becoming a pandemic has far reaching implications that have significantly disrupted our daily personal and work lives.  On behalf of all the personnel at Osperity, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy, and that every measure is being taken to protect your work colleagues, family members, friends and everyone you interact with.

One of Osperity’s core values is safety and for this reason, we mandated our staff to work from home, stop non-essential travel and engage in more remote meetings.  Along with this, we have provided our staff with the tools to ensure we continue to provide the same top-notch support for our valued clients.  This includes solving your issues and performing training remotely; we remain vigilant in supporting your organization.

The underlying premise of Osperity’s Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution has always been safety.  It enables clients to cut down windshield time, monitor their assets remotely, improve operational efficiencies while cutting operational costs. As you and your teams strategize on how to navigate your business forward, Osperity welcomes the opportunity to showcase how our technology can aid your organization in operating more efficiently and increase your profits in a highly competitive market.

Osperity believes this is not the time to solely focus on the downside; we see these challenging times as an opportunity to find new ways of working, to form new partnerships and engage in new markets. Join us in this journey for those that embrace the adversity will come out stronger from this crisis, having made better decisions going through it.

Best wishes.


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