Osprey Informatics featured in the Field Service Digital Magazine

“Canadian Oil Producers Seek a New Commodity: Next-Gen Tech”

By shedding its reputation for caution, the Canadian oil & gas industry aims to compete with American competitors that have gone all in on innovation.

“Compared to other industries, oil and gas companies are faced with a unique set of problems when it comes to reducing costs and increasing margins and improving their field service delivery,” says Geoffrey Cann, an author and consultant who advises energy companies on digital technology adoption. “They operate in an always-changing business environment that threatens to slash hard-won margins at a moment’s notice.”

There are many opportunities for Canada’s energy sector to reduce costs, mitigate occupational safety risks and improve safety, Cann says, and adopting new technologies like intelligent sensors and autonomous vehicles are a top priority. Many are already in the early stages of implementation in the Canadian energy sector.

Take Osprey Informatics, an Alberta-based tech company that has participated in projects that introduce new technologies into the oil patch, and counts several large energy companies as both customers and investors. Osprey offers an intelligent visual monitoring solution that improves security and reduces the need to send service teams into dangerous situations. The cloud-based technology captures and analyzes visual data from field operations, assets and facilities, and then automatically provides actionable alerts and insights

By: Nevin Thompson, Journalist, Field Service Digital Magazine.

Full story here: https://fsd.servicemax.com/2019/05/09/canadian-oil-producers-drill-for-a-new-commodity-next-gen-tech/

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