Add intelligence to your existing industrial cameras – Benefit from management by exception

Connecting your legacy industrial cameras to Osperity’s Intelligent Visual Monitoring Platform is a very cost effective way to benefit from exception-based video analytics

Osperity’s flexible open platform is a camera agnostic system which makes it easy to onboard industrial rated legacy cameras already installed in the field.

If you have cameras on your site you likely also have all the infrastructure already in place, such as power. If your cameras are ONVIF compliant it will be even easier to add them to our system.

analytics-people-trucksIntelligent Visual Monitoring

Osperity is an enterprise solution that delivers efficient online access to assets and
activities from your entire operation, enabling significant operational improvements. With Osperity,
companies can increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve HSE compliance with leak and safety monitoring, as well as strengthen security and accountability through proactive
activity detection and exception-based alerting at remote sites.

Osperity’s platform offers significant cost reductions in the field, providing a tangible ROI from 50% to 200% in the first year. By using existing cameras and infrastructure the ROI increases even further.




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