Remotely inspect hazardous zones with Osprey Reach – Improve productivity and enhance safety

A large Canadian midstream oil and gas company was looking for a better way to inspect hazardous zones remotely. Rather than sending workers in PPE into these zones, which has safety implications and significant labor costs, they contacted Osprey for a solution to increase productivity and security at several remote sites.

Osprey deployed a solution for remote hazardous zone inspections, built on its Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform. The solution included a mix of explosion-proof camera systems, as well as high-resolution cameras located outside the hazardous zones.

Remote operators now use Osprey Reach to:

  • Inspect and report on the condition of hazardous zones, including floating tank roofs and compressor stations
  • Receive alerts if Osprey’s computer vision detects someone unexpectedly entering a hazardous zone


The solution delivered critical operational benefits, including:

  • A 50% reduction in visits to remote compressor sites
  • Improved safety and labor efficiency as personnel no longer have to enter the zones for routine inspections
  • One-year ROI of 175% based on fewer trips to remote sites and labor savings at staffed sites.

The customer continues to expand its Osprey Reach deployments across its operations.

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