Osprey Reach – an efficient and cost effective way to inspect remote sites

Customer gets access to remote sites via Osprey Reach for visual inspection and reporting. Avoids helicopter trips during spring break-up, cuts down on routine site visits by 40%.

The Challenge

A leading North American oil and gas producer was seeking to find a more cost-effective way to monitor geographically remote and widely distributed sites in Western Canada. During most of the year, these sites are accessed by vehicle, with long drives and often difficult road and weather conditions. During spring break-up period, the ground thaws and becomes impassible by vehicle, often for several months at a time. During his time, the customer would be required to use a helicopter to visit its most remote unstaffed sites. The customer approached Osprey seeking to:

  • Reduce the need for routing in-person site visits – save on windshield time, reduce emissions, improve operator safety
  • Ensure the integrity and performance of assets
  • Monitor sites for potential security breaches


Osprey designed a solution for remote site inspection and monitoring, built on its Osprey Reach intelligent visual monitoring platform.

Operators and site supervisors are able to easily inspect a site simply by logging in to Osprey Reach over any computer or mobile device, and efficiently accessing live images and video of key assets, such as tanks, containment areas, well heads, compressors and security gates. The solution included several pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to allow operators to inspect multiple assets via a simple preset menu. They then create visual inspection reports for information sharing and audit trail.

The customer is also able to receive personalized and actionable alerts for suspicious activity, powered by Osprey’s computer vision and machine learning technologies.


The customer found Osprey Reach to be an efficient way to remotely inspect sites, and extremely easy to use. The solution delivered critical operational benefits.

Key Results:

  • A one-year ROI of 240% based on labor and travel savings
  • Reduced tailpipe emissions of 10 tons per operator
  • Improved incident response due to more frequent inspections
  • Enhanced security through proactive activity detection

Contact Osprey today and find out how we can help you cut down visits to remote assets.


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