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About Us

about osperityOsperity develops and provides cloud-based AI driven intelligent visual monitoring solutions for the energy industry in North America. The company was founded in 2012 in Alberta, Canada, Osperity grew out of a renewed enthusiasm for the energy industry at the beginning of the past decade. At the time, however, most of that growth was still around the “old and proven” ways of doing things, Osperity saw an opportunity to innovate within a very traditional industry vertical and create a more cost-effective and convenient solution for their end users.

Osperity assists industrial companies to reduce operational costs and mitigate safety and environmental risks through intelligent visual monitoring. With our platform clients are enabled to increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve health, safety and environmental (HSE) outcomes with monitoring and automated reporting, and strengthen security through proactive activity detection and alerting.

Osperity is a massively scalable cloud platform that is optimized for remote sites. It cost-effectively manages visual sensors at scale, analyzes the massive volumes of visual data with artificial intelligence (computer vision) and input from other systems, and distributes personalized, actionable information to end users.

These are just a few examples of how Osperity delivers a strong return on investment by improving productivity, lowering costs and reducing risk. 


Cut routine site visits by 50% or more 

Saves windshield time and labor costs via online inspections and alerts. 


 Prioritize activity 

Gets automated notifications of activities when and where you want alerts. Inspect your sites more frequently with daily automated reports and respond quickly to problems.

Improve productivity 

Empower your operators to focus on preventative maintenance, more effective provisioning and higher-value work. 
Increase profitability 
Decrease operating costs and improve production uptime.

Audit employees and contractors 

Visual validation of timecards and contractor invoices, decreasing costs and ensuring greater accountability/procedural compliance. 

Increase security and activity awareness

Understand the activity that occurs and both manned & unmanned assets while increasing security with activity alerts. 

Osperity Milestones

2012 – Company Founded as Osprey Informatics
2015 – Platform commercialized, and Pembina Pipelines becomes first client
2017 – First non-security use case launched – alerting on tanker trucks arriving at remote risers
2018 – Thermal camera technology introduced to monitor Thermal Injection Wells and SAGD for leaks
2018 – Optimized mobile interface launched / First client outside of Canada in Australia
2018 –  First construction client / First US client / First US Channel Partner
2019 – Recognized as an AWS Technology Partner / Named Digital Oil Field winner in JWN Energy Excellence Awards / Added multiple classifiers around vehicles and their activity / Second US Channel Partner
2020 – Launched Inspection Module / Rebuilt AWS infrastructure to enable instance portability and future edge processing through AWS Greengrass / Third US channel Partner.
2021 – Launched two new models – PPE Detection & Optical Fire & Smoke Detection / Signed Channel Partner in Hong Kong / Entered a Partnership Agreement with Viper Imaging to bring their Fugitive Emissions Detection and Quantification hardware and software onto our platform

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