Osprey Informatics featured in the Financial Post

“Oilpatch AI keeps a wary eye on remote wells after human officials go home”


CALGARY — From a computer in his downtown office, Jeremy Bernard calls up live video of an oil well site in rural Alberta, clicking to bring up a cluster of small buildings, then a gravel road that leads across snowy pasture.

The picture is sharp and the camera can detect motion. But its monitoring effectiveness drops off the instant Bernard, chief operating officer at Calgary-based Osprey Informatics, clicks a button to check another well site. Or heads home for the day. Or just stops paying attention. That’s when his company’s artificial intelligence software, Osprey Reach, takes over.

The software can be programmed to sift through video data and identify vehicles or people, checking to see if contractors showed up when they said they would and if they stayed as long as their bills indicate.

Full article: https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/oilpatch-ai-keeps-a-wary-eye-on-remote-wells-after-human-officials-go-home

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