Osprey Informatics featured in the DOB Energy Excellence Awards ‘Best of Nominee’ editorial

Osprey Informatics Ltd. is dipping into the digital oilfield well to leverage the latest advances in intelligent visual monitoring technology to give companies the ability to limit remote site visits, while reducing operational costs and mitigating safety and environmental risks. Its Osprey Reach made it a finalist in the Energy Excellence Awards Digital Oilfield category.

Osprey Reach is transforming the essentially “dumb” surveillance systems of the past, that required a set of human eyes to make effective, to “smart” systems able to distinguish out-of-the-ordinary events, from intruders or physical dangers to leaks and equipment breakdown, around the clock.

“When you are doing things with video there is just too much data for any one person to really understand, and take action or gain insight from, so we use the computer vision technology to look for specific activities or specific objects within an image or a video and then we allow individual users to basically set up their own alerts, and they can be alerted based on what the computer vision detects,” said Jeremy Bernard, chief innovation officer and head of business development at Osprey.

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